about tangerinez

started in october 2023, after completing my degree and suddenly having a lot more time on my hands.

what's the site for?

nothing in particular, really!
when i started this site, i just started it because it looked like a really fun project to get into during uni break, and also because my partner, willow, started their own as well! to me, this site is a way to learn more about html, css, and the old internet, somewhere to dump my thoughts and creative energy, sort my interests, meet other people, etc! i don't have any expectations for the site, i don't have any plans. i'm just updating it as i go, changing whatever i don't vibe with anymore and adding whatever the hell i want.

tangerinez? what's that ?

i dunno! i chose it because willow and i are both very much into dayshift at freddy's, and IRL kin of dave miller/william afton (the "eggplant/aubergine") and jack kennedy (the tangerine to his aubergine!). they're the aubergine, so i'm the tangerine! and i thought it was really cute and i like the fruit aesthetic. tangerinez is the name i'm using to associate with my internet persona - which is something i'm working to make free of the shackles of cringe, because cringe is stupid.

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Welcome !

Congrats! You made it to a random site! No theme, no plan, just me infodumping whatever I want. Site is VERY unfinished. I restarted, and I'm not on my computer often.

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